Tucked away in the wiles and brays of Northern Ireland, just a 20 minute rail-ride from the sing-song, revival city of Belfast, is the historical town of Antrim. Antrim is the stuff of Irish legend, boasting World Heritage sites in the famous Giant's Causeway and the breathtaking Glens of Antrim and Glendun. It is here, nestled between the Celtic Sea and Lough Neagh that Stacey has chosen to change the lives of children forever.

Stacey Hanburry, resides in Antrim where she currently works for a local church as their children's director, utilizing Therapeutic Play as a form of restorative therapy for children with troubled backgrounds. She is helping children recover from a myriad of backgrounds; from those who had previously been homeless, to victims of abuse, all in the hopes to see them healed, healthy and with full hearts to go become the world-changers they truly are.