To PREVENT and rescue children and their families from trafficking and modern day slavery. To see slavery and trafficking end in our lifetime



rescue . REstore . REENTRY

Given Ministries rescues children out of sex trafficking once and for all. RESCUE, is just as it sounds. We rescue men, women and children in enslaved situations by whatever means necessary and remove them physically from the situation. This can look like anything from rescuing caches of kids from a brothel raid, down to something much less invasive, such as taking in children who are brave enough to run away from their slave-captors.

The REHAB efforts of Given are fueled by our desire to not re-invent the wheel. This portion of our work is where we appeal to the like-minded individuals and organizations in the region/area championing our very same cause who have an area of expertise to offer those we rescue. This practically looks like our rescued children having access to Trauma/Rape Counseling, medical treatment/supplies, a safe place to sleep and recover and often times detox off the drugs they were forced to take so as to numb the effects of being raped upwards of 40 people a day.
In the REHAB portion of Given we desire to not only restore the individual back to full physical health but to also restore them emotionally and spiritually as well, allowing them a chance, perhaps for the first time, to discover their passions in life and ultimately live out their destiny.

In the RE-ENTRY efforts of Given we seek to take our now healed up, restored and set-free individuals formerly trapped in slavery and sex trafficking and allow them to develop a trade or skill set, in order that they may never again become a victim or prey to the plights of poverty or slavery. We do this by teaming up with a network of local and international volunteers to facilitate internships in a variety of professional arenas. We see chefs teaching certified programs similar to that found in culinary skills, down to teachers and business professionals teaching the ins and outs of small business enterprise.

Given’s heart is to forever change the social and economic landscape by empowering once victims into victorious and sustained working lives, essentially creating a culture where the oppressed are now the over-comers and the enslaved are now the free ones dispensing freedom.