Daniel Bush

Pemba, Mozambique

Daniel has been doing missions on and off since 2013. For years, he was a part of a team helping run a missionary training school in Mozambique for Iris Global. After each school, he led a group of students to various countries around the world to do outreach. He's traveling all over Africa, Asia, and the Middle East serving as missionary for different ministries and NGO's like Given and Iris.

He is now heading back to Mozambique to be apart of small disaster relief team, after 2 hurricanes ripped through the country causing devastating damage. He'll be gone for a minimum of 3 months, depending on the extent of the damage.

Relief efforts look very practical. Partnering with local churches and the INGC (Mozambiquan Gov Relief Aid) for food distribution. Rebuilding houses for disabled, disadvantaged people, as well as Iris Church building that sustained heavy damage. Training local pastors and community members in disaster response and distribution in relief aid. Paired with all these programs, they'll be able to share the gospel through multiple different platforms, and show God's love in the midst of a devastating situation.

He is asking for prayer for the relief teams on the ground, as well as those they are helping. Protection, provision, strength, strategies, and leading.

Daniel Bush // Missionary to Pemba, Mozambique for disaster Relief

Daniel Bush // Missionary to Pemba, Mozambique for disaster Relief